What Doth Life started in 2010 in Windsor, Vermont (the birthplace of Vermont) adhering to the strength in numbers philosophy. We're here to help. We're not a label; more of a co-op; a brand with nothing to sell. Feel free to contact us with ideas, comments, your material or harsh critism at info(at)whatdothlife(dot)com.


General Information, submissions: info(at)whatdothlife(dot)com
Podcast: Kiel, kiel(at)whatdothlife(dot)com
Flyers, Artwork: Davis, jswildhack(at)gmail(dot)com
Newsletter: Chris, fluxola500(at)gmail(dot)com
Shows: Brendan, danbrendan(at)gmail(dot)com
Website: Kiel, kiel(at)whatdothlife(dot)com
Recording, Producing: Ryan, noencores(at)hotmail(dot)com & Kiel, kielalarcon(at)msn(dot)com
Photography: Taylor, taylorlong(at)gmail(dot)com


We encourage musicians and artists that adhere to the ethics of freedom, sharing and rock n' roll to contact us & participate.

Contact us at info(at)whatdothlife(dot)com.

We are now reviewing your music, please send us stuff at info(at)whatdothlife(dot)com.


"Pick a night, any night, and a different band will be rehearsing in an unheated, L-shaped hallway in a weathered wooden building on River Street in Windsor. To be sure, it's nothing fancy. At the end of it, to the left, are stacks of Marshall and Peavey guitar amps, two drum sets and a microphone. To the right, a computer used for recording sits in an alcove underneath a fluorescent light near speakers and a tangle of black wires."

- Jon Silman - Valley News

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"...But my guess is that the next awesome crew of likeminded songwriters and rockers won’t emerge from the state capital or Vermont’s most populous city. Instead, keep your eye on Windsor, and newish collective/label What Doth Life."

- Dan Bolles - 7 Days VT

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"The album, released by [Windsor] collective/label What Doth Life, confirms that something strange and wonderful is indeed a-brewin’ in the Upper Valley. Who knew?"

- Dan Bolles - 7 Days VT

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