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RYAN HEBERT releases the earth!


ryan t. hebert – The Earth What Doth Life associated Musician/Producer Ryan T. Hebert brings you his new full length album The Earth, a collection of his songs through 2005-2012. Recorded in bed rooms, hallways, practice spaces and studios between living in brooklyn and windsor, VT, these ancient sketches and modern marvels intersect to bring you a documentation of Ryan Heberts Id as it meanders through its 20′s from city streets to wooded enclaves in a sensual delight of wonder. [...]

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blushing 1

BLUSHING is the next project to come forth from the talented loins of What Doth Life. Regulars Ryan Hebert (guitar and backup vox), Brendan Dangelo (b-b-b-bass), and Tim Knapp (drums) team up with Alex Bourne (guitar, lead vox and New Hampshire-ite – don’t judge) to form this four piece smooth, emo, breaking-it-down, pop-punk, dancey, and just gosh darn fun band. In January of this year, this newly formed band recorded its first three tracks (read “HITS”), which can be found [...]

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super hero cats, anyone?


Theyyyy’rrrrre baaaaaaaacccckkk!!!!!! Back in the ages of 1999, there lived a band the likes of which the Upper Valley had never seen. My Cat’s A Super Hero (McAsh) took VT/NH by storm, rocking literally TENS of stages through their initial life during the golden age of punk/ska. The legacy of McAsh has stayed strong, having reunion after reunion through the past 13 years and through the chants and praises of fans wherever they go. After going through something like 18 [...]

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what doth life – podcast – episode 6


Episode six of What Doth Life’s podcast, appropriately titled A BLAST FROM THE PAST, features hosts Kiel Alarcon and Tim Knapp as they dive deep into the music before What Doth Life. Bands such as Milton, Decade, Aetherphone, McAsh, Kyoto, and Make Out Party fill up this episode’s playlist. Beginning over a decade (no pun intended) ago, bands such as Prezz, Beefcake, and the Evil Thunderhut hit the stage, and set the stage, for What Doth Life; paving the path [...]

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