Location: Mostly New Hampshire

bellwire (sometimes called boldwater, bluewinner, boywinter, Bullwinkle, Bolt Thrower, Waterbed, Weezerbot, Big Goose, and butt whistle) are (more or less) a New Hampshire band. They try to make thoughtful music in the style of tomboy rock.

The Tomboy Rock Manisfesto follows:

bellwire rejects the notion that tomboys must be female, but embraces the frog-catching, tree-climbing, dress-ripping, mud-dripping ideals. Tomboy rock is keen on things that are subversive in ways that donít hurt anyone.

bellwireís brand of tomboy rock intends to sound rural (with no twang) and sincere.

bellwire can also be classified as friendly-rock or I-donít-know-what-do-you-want-to-do rock.

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