Location: Windsor, Vermont

Ryan Timothy Hebert is a musican/producer living and thriving in Windsor VT. His plethora of bands/projects through the years, between Vermont, Brooklyn and Long Island include: Prezz, Beefcake and the Evil Thunderhut, McAsh, Captain Kill, Bright Red Car, Aeschylus, Ivo Shandor, Aetherphone, Milagro, lordgod, Lilum, Makeout Party, The Jobz, Hannah and the Wooden Spoons, Giant Travel Avant Garde, Heavy Winged and Beast Meats, among others. Ryan currently spends his time producing, developing and documenting the musical exploits of his friends and his own projects in his studio, Ryan Hebert's Toolbox Recordings Inc. and has cd, cassette and vinyl releases out on Not Not Fun, Archive, Type, 3Lobed Records, Digitalis, What Doth Life and others. You can follow his day to day ramblings about his projects and overall brain farts at noencores.tumblr.com/

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