An Open Hand

Hi Friends.

So, We are now into year 2.0 in the whatdothlife universe.  Things are going what I would consider fun & positive – more and more new releases and bands and shows and more videos and interviews and handshaking and illegal activities. All in good time.  All in good time.  Alas, fun comes at something of a price (NO it DOESn’T, that’s what my friend Ricky the Rat always says…) & apparently websites are expensive.  The first year our dear server was kind and gave us a pretty sweet introductory rate – - – which apparently runs off of dinosaur bloood, because the price nearly quadrupled since last year.  Thus, you will see a new tab on the right hand corner, a nice little paypal button asking you to DONATE (doesn’t that feel good?).  I enjoy this being a labor of love, as does Mitty Nap (the web demon) and all our dear artists housed here, but hell, if we could break even, life would be easier.  So, if the spirit compels you, please drop us some bills and if not, youre a silly. You’re just a big silly pants, anyways. And I still like you.