It’s 2012 and it’s winter

What Doth Lifers and What Doth Liferettes:

We are proud to present our revamped website in this (what is to be) wonderous year of twenty twelve.  We dedicated ourselves to making the site more user friendly, more interconnected, and well – just more.

Some important things we’ve added:

  • Album:  Derek and the Demons – Self-titled more info
  • Album:  Luke Chrisinger – Separation more info
  • Band:  The Green Room more info

And there’s more to come. We alreaday have a band or so in the pipeline to join us. Check back soon for updates. And while you’re at it, check out our featured events over there to the right. Those shows are going to be well worth the trip from your neck of the woods.

The beards continue to grow for many. This is the final month of The Great Upper Valley Cover Up (more info) and let me tell you, beards keep you warm. Ladies, say what you may, but you are missing out. It’s like Grandma’s scarf glued to my face. It’s like a Sham-Wow as a personal servant for those late night Taco Bell runs (no pun intended.)

Check out the podcast, check out the bands, listen to every band’s music.

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