what doth life – podcast – episode 6

Episode six of What Doth Life’s podcast, appropriately titled A BLAST FROM THE PAST, features hosts Kiel Alarcon and Tim Knapp as they dive deep into the music before What Doth Life. Bands such as Milton, Decade, Aetherphone, McAsh, Kyoto, and Make Out Party fill up this episode’s playlist.

Beginning over a decade (no pun intended) ago, bands such as Prezz, Beefcake, and the Evil Thunderhut hit the stage, and set the stage, for What Doth Life; paving the path and inspiring musicians in the Upper Valley and beyond to just play music and to have fun doing it. Today What Doth Life’s collective of 22 releases (in just 2 years) is a mere taste of where these people have been and where they will go.

What Doth Life hopes you enjoy your time travel back to a day when we were all younger and a little more crazy. Crank it up!



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