WDL Week in REVIEW Feb 17th!

WOW! Call it Spring fever (call it more of a light burning sensation), but this week has been a big one in the WDL world. Lots of doings and lots of dones dirt cheap. To keep it all straight in my mind, we will be bloggin’ our first (and perhaps last) Week in REVIEW!

First off: The strangeness that is McAsh (My Cats a Super Hero) emerged from an 11 year slumber to release THE RETURN TO BADASH Mike ‘Call me Chains’ Fitts said ‎”Its like the whole cd is in slow motion”. The gents recorded a WDL podcast talking about all the things you never cared about McAsh

Speaking of radio, Kiel and Brendan stepped in as DJ’s in training at local radio station, WOOL FM. The boys took over the Pretty Big Place With A Lot of Room show and played classic WDL hits and awesome picks from DJ Mark’s collection (including Bill Cosby’s Sgt Pepper cover). Listen to the CAST HERE. The gents will be back next week from 7 – 9, and will soon be starting an all local show…soon!

Those cool dudes IT’S A BEAR! released a track off their upcoming EP, which I’m told will be ejected next Friday, Feb 24th at The Main St Museum along with THE LAW ABIDERS.

Speaking of shows, The Green Room is playing at the Salt Hill in Hanover tonight.
Tomorrow night, 2.18 Giant Travel Avant Garde is playing at the Radio Bean in Burlington. Next week, Sat. 2.25 GTAG (as they’ve Anagramatically have been known as) will be playing with Sore Eros and Jeremey Dubs Speak! at The Mai Thai in Hanover.

And, would it be a week if Luke Chrisinger didn’t release something? This time Mr. C has a new project, titled Esau’s Ladder.

Speaking of new projects, WDL dudes featuring Alex Bourne go all emo in newest grouping, BLUSHING.

And finally, some lasting thoughts from the week. We’re here to make music folks. Songs, noise, records, shows, radio, tears, laughter, yelps – whatever you call it, it gives us something to do and a bitta joy. You don’t have to listen to it, or like it, or care. Yes, some of us are in every single project, some of us love our projects more than the newest Toby Keith or Rhianna record (well, maybe not Rhianna), and some us are just here, cause its the alternative to playing XBox or making babies. So, much love to the people that support us or are listening. Haters gonna hate. Respect.

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