3 AM on a saturday morning My brain starts to think of a new project I can work on and I figured the best way was to get all my friends involved. Over the years I enjoyed Listening to the Music you all created and watched most of you countlessly at live shows.

I know most people own a computer and or have access to recording gear. I was now wondering if we can make a fantastic Puzzle or collage with everyone’s music. Piece it until we get a bunch of songs put together by people that might have never even thought about collaborating with or might never had have the chance.

I asked my friend Ryan Hebert if he would be able to do the mixing down of this project and he was totally into the idea also… now that makes it up to everyone that is getting this email to be brave enough to brave these uncharted waters and hope that this project will turn out amazing.

Very simple rules:
1. Send one or two(Max) Isolated Instrumental Tracks via whatever instrument you chose …. Also DJ’s can provide beats, Rappers, spoken word and singers lend your talents also.

2.Hi Quality MP3 Format.

3.A minute or under for the track you send

4. Make sure your name and Instrument you play is included in the EMail….

5. Midi tracks are welcome

6. Please let anyone you know that is interested to jump aboard and lend there talents too

7. that is Ryan’s email to send your track and info to…..

I figure a deadline is in order and I think June 1st is fitting.

I am really looking forward to seeing how this comes out I know it will be a pretty intense blend of music…….

Talk to you all soon

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