WDL 25! Record Store Comp 2012!

This past weekend, WDL was proud to release our second annual Record Store Day Comp for 2012. This year’s response was tremendous with over 21 bands responding. On Saturday the 21st, Babe Lincoln, The Jobz and everyone’s favorite, The Law Abiders joined forces at Newbury Comics. Check out the end of the post for a video of THE JOBZ from the show!
Check out the bands that participated below & stream the entire Comp via the April 22nd Podcast !!! If you are interested in getting a copy, email to find out how to get one!

2012 WhatDothLife Record Store Compilation!
1) Babe Lincoln – Gold Rush
2) Bellwire – Five Toes On The Hay Bale
3) Blushing – East Road
4) Death Pesos – Snakecharmer
5) Derek & The Demons – New Age
6) Dudestew – Day Late, Dollar Shy
7) The Dying Falls – The Sun Shines For Everyone (But Not Me)
8) Giant Travel Avant Garde – Sequence
9) Girlandpiano – Clean For Weeks
10) The Grand Mandibles – Counter Action
11) Happy Jawbone Family Band – Something Isn’t Right Here
12) I Love Journal – Hear The Sound
13) It’s A Bear! – Wombat Combat
14) Luke Chrisinger – A Murder One
15) Pariah Beat – King’s Highway
16) The Pilgrims – Idiots Abroad
17) Pliable Tones – Inside The Bears Stomach During Hibernation
18) Ryan Hebert – Apply Nightly
19) Thompson Gunner – Unlikely
20) Tragically Surreal – Tracks For The Afterlife
21) Vinland Ghost – Battle At Maldon

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