Upper Valley Give Us A Venue, By Jesus!

Hi There World.

WDL has been organizing shows in the Upper Valley (and further!) for around two years now. We’ve had some great ones (vampire teeth!) and some not so great ones (“can I get some more reverb please?”), but I think we’ve worked out the kinks, have some perspective and know what works for the best.

Yet, we still go ’round in circles. One place won’t respond until a day before the show was prospectively scheduled, another won’t start the music until midnight, another is strictly 21+, another wants the bands to play in a closet.

We wonder – with such an active music scene, an awesome group of people that like to hang out and listen to music, and people begging to have their money taken for some Long Trail on tap, how can there not be a place in the area that does this… ahem, does this well?

How come we don’t have a Charlie Os East (ish) or a Radio Bean South? Is this just crazy talk?

Help us out! Send your ideas to
Let’s talk, more rock.

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