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What Doth Life celebrated our 3rd birthday on January 1st, 2013. Three years at 33 releases. What will 2013 bring?

Folk duo trio Babe Lincoln is happy to welcome third member Andrew Stimpson. With a ton of new work, and a concept (?) album on the way, is it safe to say that they will be going into Rush territory? Probably. (not).  The band is also playing their first Burlington gig at Radio Bean in February.

Speaking of concept albums, The Jobz will finally be releasing the first part of their triptych saga this winter.  Part 1, Live (like living, not live, like life, right? cool), follows our anti-hero’s fall from grace and his trip to HELL. Bummer. It might be tasteless. It’ll be a little offensive, too.

Cool dudes from the coastal NH, bellwire have some new tunes that they would like to have unleashed on the world (if COLLEGE & hernias weren’t getting in the way – feel better Chris!).  Also, glad to hear that Johnny Earthquake band will be releasing a new single with a bunch of bonus tracks this winter.

 From a press release on Luke Chrisinger’s Compromise Industries Group, this video states that Luke has (again) retired from recording. Thank the savior that he left us with WDL #34 A Dissident Rendition.

Collaborator of Mr. Chrisinger’s Adora Lee is currently working on a film regarding the work of Dr. Chrisinger.  A 2013 dream is that WDL hosted kinky orgy after parties and my wish is that they were fun and didnt translate into awkward stds.  You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

Mr. R Hebert member of such and such continues his work on developing a musical based on MASH, as well as releasing an EP with his group Carton, a Carton split on Negative Fun Records, playing bass in The Jobz, playing drums in Turkey Point Swim Club, a Lilum Retrospective album, a Beast Meats EP and tons of seltzers and frocks. 

Speaking of Negative Fun, last year they released two awesome split 7″s and will be back this Spring & Summer with two more. 

Over yonder Pilgrim way, the boys will be returning to the studio this February to release their follow up to last year’s It’s Not Pretty.  Tentatively titled, BUSS, the album will be loud and will be mostly about their ” fear of needles and big horses.”  

One of my favorite bands ever recently sent this message. Take it away boys: It’s A BEAR!

“Well, we’re just writing songs pretty frequently! We recently released the Eternal Reverse Neckbeard Inside Job EP about two weeks ago (which will be on bandcamp pretty soon) as a 5-song CD that’s limited to roughly 20 copies, and we’ve finished several songs since then. This is our last year as a band due to the fact that Eric and Alex are both graduating, so we’re essentially just looking to have a blast for as long as possible! We’re always down to play shows, and I’m always down to start new projects with anybody belonging to the WDL fam. We’d definitely like to see a higher amount of shows happen this year, and would be willing to help organize in any way(s) possible! We’ve started carrying merch, too, which feels really good after a good 2+ years of not having any. Go find $7 and come bother us about getting a shirt ($10 if you want an EP to go with it)! Overall, we love the tight scene of the UV, and we love the people in it. <3
Pilgrims, Jobz, Happy Jawbone, Pretty Corpses, BE AGRESSIVE, River City Rebels, Trapper Keeper, Carton, Get a Grip, Sink or Swim, Bellwire, Home Body, and anything involving Matt Mazur, GPR, and Luke Chrisinger.


Giant Travel Avant Garde has taken a break, but recently was reviewed in Seven Days.  Enjoy the latest album here.

Our friend Hannah Hoffman is full with positivity for the new year. “Words of wisdom – Don’t think that you can’t do anything, because chances are, you will live up to the philosophy if you feel that way. Everybody can do something to contribute to the world & we each have a place in this great cosmos.” Hopefully the good vibes pay off as Hannah finishes up her new album coming out this year.

Our buddies from Boston, dance-fun The Dying Falls  are currently writing for a second record, which they’ll be recording in March at Woolly Mammoth Studios in Waltham, MA. In the meantime, they’ve been going to a lot of Krill shows and rehearsing for their next Kate Bush karaoke session.

Yonder North, our favorite friends at State & Main Records (aka Golden Dome Music Collective), based in Montpelier have some rad projects in the works. Blues blasted rock n’ rollers Lake Superior will be releasing their first album, the collective will be releasing a comp titled Vol. II & punkers Yacht Rocket will be releasing a cassette!

 As we have over the last three years, WDL will again be releasing a Comp in support of Record Store Day.  Nice quality recordings are encouraged to submit! This will both be on Bandcamp and given out in select record stores starting on 4/20/2013. Feel free to email a song to danbrendan AT

 Here’s to our third year! Cheers!


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