We Are Making Bands: Week 1

A lot of cool people write to us. They ask “How can we get involved?” “What do you do?” “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”

Decidely, we don’t really know. I think we just like to do stuff. In a fit of self-expression, one of the latest projects WDL has taken on is the MAKE A BAND MARCH. We asked friends and newbies to join us for the month of March to make bands. 12 interested participants had their names thrown into a hat and four bands emerged.

In one aspect, the project hopes to capture the seredipity of collaboration, as well as the sacrifices and tears. And maybe some fun, too. On the other side, being in a band/ creating with others takes more effort than one would guess. We hope to document this project as it happens.

Our three bands consist of four members each. Below are some updates from each team:

We have our first rehearsal Sunday. Our band is better than yours. That should probably be the name of our band. I’m rigging up my basement into a pretty decent studio. I bought a cheap ass tascam interface. Not the best quality, but I’m getting 14 analog inputs plus midi and spdif so I’ll be able to do whole band live recordings that should sound somewhat decent. Also, other news is I set up a live streaming account on ustream.

Two members have yet to reply on when they could make it to practice. The other two members have already been engaged in a project and may use this time to continue that.
LESSON: When your band doesn’t work out, adapt. The rock shouldn’t wait.

The band had a date set to jam, but three quarters of the band are old people, unable to stay up past 7 PM on a week night. Try again on this Sunday.


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