WDL #44 Poor and Perfect – ‘Ribs/ Friends, Heart, Family’

WDL #44 Poor and Perfect – ‘Ribs/ Friends, Heart, Family’

Poor and Perfect is the baby of Chris Rosenquest. His first EP under the moniker started as seven songs which boiled down to two lush, roots rich lullabys. Erasing the idea of maximum output and concentrating on pace of process, Chris arrived at a new philosophy; “good enough.”

Recording the two songs with friends Mike Poorman (ex Hot Rod Circuit and former owner of Strangeways Studios) and Jer Coons (solo artist and currently playing with and producing Caroline Rose), allowed the fellas to settle into the musician’s natural state – take breaks, hit the bar, work late, and get up early. The rhythm of the recording process is reflective of the music; relaxed alt-American bar soul – sharp as a high priced IPA served in the familiarity of your favorite High Life glass.

Poor and Perfect’s new EP is free/ name your own price at:

Featuring artwork from Brian Barthelmes (of Tallahassee and Forts/ Gainsville, and, yes, he did play for the Patriots).

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