Review: The Law Abiders : Thanks, But No Thanks… But Thanks

Sometimes it’s nice when things are easy. Sometimes you wanna be challenged, you get the model kit to work through the pieces. The journey from A-B. But, don’t you wish that the mundane dimension could slip away at any second to an adventure? You’re at work and get washed down a sink drain and now you are stuck on some kind of freak island with B movie babe’s in cardboard fins singing a siren song calling you to the depth’s of the ocean?

The new Law Abiders album ‘Thanks, But No Thanks… But Thanks’ is full of pop/ punk motorin’ singalongability. Let’s get clear, not pop-punk, but pop/punk (there’s gotta be a line written in the sand). I’m talking about Ramones/ Misfits/ Drexel (remember those guys?) not TRL Live (dated) golden tips, skateboard with a warmed glass of Surge in hand (although, there is nothing wrong with that). Like The Misfits these songs are 50s pop melodies layered on 160 bpm. But, instead of talking about raping your mother, the Law Abiders are singing about video games, VHS horror mis-adventures and being in a good damn rock n’ roll band.

But, life ain’t just about retreating in to your seeded pleasures and distractions. There are hints of journaled truths and life lessons. On Do The Dance, one barb sticks
“Travel in time or go into space but please
you’ve got to remember
Do the dance, you’ve just got to do the dance”
an obvious reference to the Hindu god Shiva Nataraja, in his divine dance to destroy the universe? Perhaps. It does have one of the funniest guitar solo’s I’ve ever heard.. kind of resembles a tweety and sylvester cartoon:

You are there doing the dance. Happy with life. And then comes the domestic bliss. You don’t wanna be a rock anymore (Paul Simon can eat it).

And love. How about this for a post first date song?

“And I’ve got
a brain
that’s true
please believe me
I’ve got
few ways
to tell how you perceive me but
I’ve got
to try
to convince you to keep me around”

John Hughes died too soon:

So, maybe you can grow up without growing out. ‘I don’t wanna be jealous anymore’. You come to the understanding that all feelings can be fleeting and none of them are the core, they are something you wear at a time and place when they are applicable and let go of the ones you don’t need.

B Movies, emotional growth, woahs and ohs, video games, finding a place to live, Bill’s toupee. More stickyness than a bath of melty freezy pops, more sweetness than a pixie stix bender. Download the Law Abiders new album for free, load up the mini van with friends and do the dance. The dishes will be there tomorrow.

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