Friend Release: Orphic Revival – What the Moon Wants From the Wolf

Language moving with velocity. Jay Stevens mixes lyrical politics and cosmic erotics in a drum-driven, guitar fueled groove that pushes the edge of both spoken word and the rock/rap regimes.

Back in the summer of 2009, Jay Stevens initiated a collaboration with Eddie Bogosian and Derek Young (of Derek and the Demons.) Together they created a series of strange audio recordings. They continued with sporadic and chaotic sessions into 2010, accumulating about 20 tracks, some of which were lost…

Then Derek met WDL member Ryan Hebert. Recognizing his musical sensibilities as well as technical skills, Derek recruited Ryan to take it to a higher level and add production, mix and master these recordings. Last year they released the first volume as Orphic Revival, and they are now pleased to announce their second release, What the Moon Wants From the Wolf. Check it out at:

Poet Jay Stevens is the author of Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream. Writing partner with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead for Drumming At The Edge of Magic and Planet Drum. With Eddie Bogosian and Derek Young, co creators of the musical soundscape for Orphic Revival and What the Moon Wants From the Wolf, he is The Raven.

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