Listening: February 2015

Find yourself complaining that there ain’t enough music in the world? (doubtful.) In this new section, we scour the music wilderness to bring you back a flavorful feast. There is a huge variety swath of amazing music being made and not heard. Much of it in Vermont and our region. Most of it is being given to your ears for free. If you are a band/ musician and would like to be part of this, shoot us a message at Take some time and listen to these curated releases:

Ian James Music: Cheap Real Estate / 70s influenced bedroom punk:

The Sun Lions/ Recently completed a recording session with Justin Pizzoferello at Sone Lab. These fellas are releasing songs over the next couple months from that session. Awesome good-time rock n’ roll, with an edge of Sebbadoh and 3 piece punk layered in:

Get A Grip/ Equals single. 29 seconds of brutality with more break downs than an episode of Doctor Phil:

New Legs/ Blank. Intensity of Brand New era emo hits the grunginess of Dino Jr’s guitar frenzies. Via costal NH.

Jake McKelvie & The Counterops/ Uh Huh Split. 7″ of vinyl available on your electronic device created by the magic of Bill GATES’ brain waves comes some new tunes from our favorite one liner Jake McKelvie:

Chopan / Bathhouse Demo Songs.Burlington based reverb misery indie slow smash rock burn.

Vultures of Cult/ Bitter Doom On A Golden Dawn. New release from these Vermont monsters. This shit is heavy and bloody and sweaty n killer.. somewhere between converge and QOTSA. shit dudes!

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