What Doth Life Blog Lonely, Sad And Abused

Like an artifact from a bygone era, an ignored blog can tell us much. Why did the author suddenly disappear? Did illness, strife or perhaps good fortune result in a better opportunity? Did vampire clowns take over the what doth life headquarters, leaving only the ghosts of past EPs and podcasts? Or did Facebook just replace the long form with easily ignorable quips and memes?

Not to blame anyone *jesse eisenzuckerberg*, but, yeah, yeah its true.. but look when you point the finger, there are three pointing right back at you. So, it’s my fault. Laziness. But now Kiel and I have a plan and we will keep posting on this thing at least once a week. If anything the rising guilt from a blog that hasn’t been updated since May of 2015 she help keep us on track.

So what have we been up to? Last year we had a handful of releases from JS Wildhack, The Pilgrims and Derek & The Demons. It was our slowest year by far. But that’s what happens when you have 300 hours of Netflix and HBO to catch up on.

This year, we hope to put out at least one comp, a new D&D record, a new Pilgrims record and the long awaited CARTON – TOTAL MODERN COMFORT.

If you are in fact reading this – drop us a line and feel free to share what you’ve been doing. We will post it!


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