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Two Videos: Giant Travel Avant Garde

In atticipation of their newest album, La Maladie D’Amour, indie noise quartet, Giant Travel Avant Garde, have released two new videos for two singles from the album. ‘Cataclysm,’ a fire dance for the apocalypse and ‘Intimations,’ a self-destructive pop song. Watch both videos below, and expect the album out in late August. Intimations Cataclysm

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It’s an Interview with Bellwire!

Bellwire? Who is that? What are they? What do you.. how? Is? O? These are questions. See the question marks? That means they are questions. WDL asked Bellwire some questions recently and they supplied answeres. Learn about Bellwire, today! And check them out on September 1st with The Pilgrims and Jonee Earthquake in Wilder, VT. Also, check out a special video the Wiries did! TEN QUESTIONS FOR BELLWIRE! 1) What is (a) BELLWIRE? [bellwire’s] The next big thing. 2) What […]

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What Doth!…….what?

What doth life? “What doth life? Are we just fleshy blips in some meaningless stew of cosmic oblivion? Or is it vice re-versa?” –Urban Dictionary

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DothWOOL NUMBER II – bands settled upon

Hello dothlifers, The details for the second round in the DothWOOL summer concert series have been finalized! THE BANDS: The Pilgrims Teleport The Pretty Corpses DOORS OPEN AT 730, SHOW IS AT 800, COST IS STILL ONLY $5, DRINKY DRINK BAR.

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DothWOOL Concert Series : ONE

On July 21, three bands got together for the first in a series of three shows to benefit WOOL FM (100.1!). These bands were, Derek & the Demons, Dude Stew, and Turkey Point Swim Club. The show kicked off to the series, and the DothWOOL crew has high hopes about the momentum to come. Check out some of the audio from the show: DothWOOL 1 – live tracks by Derek & the Demons, Dudestew, Turkey Point Swim Club Below are […]

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Now in Real Life! McAsh + Limited Edition Art Work by Tyler Bladyka!

Hi! Our good friend (and brother of McAsh Saxist Jesse), Tyler Bladyka made up some sweet artwork for the McAsh ‘Return to BadAsh’ which came out this month.   This is like seriously cool looking.  And if you are interested, you can get your mitts on one by Emailing us at Check out the art work below! Bob’s Shack by My Cat’s a Super Hero (McAsh)

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CONLOUR EN BLOCK- YOUR ULTIMATE PSYCHOSENSUAL DISTORTER [2012] …more like getting the enemy to think their guns are hydrangea, the enemy’s a blood-relative, that sort of thing. Who knows. The accounts I’ve been reading have been incoherent, gistless. Experiments conducted. Things got out of hand. Let’s just say things got out of control… Listen / Download 

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