RYAN HEBERT releases the earth!


ryan t. hebert – The Earth What Doth Life associated Musician/Producer Ryan T. Hebert brings you his new full length album The Earth, a collection of his songs through 2005-2012. Recorded in bed rooms, hallways, practice spaces and studios between living in brooklyn and windsor, VT, these ancient sketches and modern marvels intersect to bring you a documentation of Ryan Heberts Id as it meanders through its 20′s from city streets to wooded enclaves in a sensual delight of wonder. [...]

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In true Luke Chrisinger fashion, he has started two new music projects (at once!?): ESAU’S LADDER on what doth life on bandcamp AND ACTAEON COMPLEX on what doth life on bandcmap on world wide web  

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3 AM on a saturday morning My brain starts to think of a new project I can work on and I figured the best way was to get all my friends involved. Over the years I enjoyed Listening to the Music you all created and watched most of you countlessly at live shows. I know most people own a computer and or have access to recording gear. I was now wondering if we can make a fantastic Puzzle or collage [...]

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WDL 25! Record Store Comp 2012!


This past weekend, WDL was proud to release our second annual Record Store Day Comp for 2012. This year’s response was tremendous with over 21 bands responding. On Saturday the 21st, Babe Lincoln, The Jobz and everyone’s favorite, The Law Abiders joined forces at Newbury Comics. Check out the end of the post for a video of THE JOBZ from the show! Check out the bands that participated below & stream the entire Comp via the April 22nd Podcast !!! [...]

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and yet another new band – bellwire


The third new band at what doth life in about a week, bellwire, joins the team (or whatever you want to call us). bell. wire. young and upcoming, some might say! check em out: whatdothlife: facebook: bandcamp:

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Rest In Peace, Dwemmy

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Some sad news in the What Doth Life world today. An ally in music and a man who never ran out of things to say about it, Paul Dembinski of Woodstock passed away this passed weekend. Wherever you are, Paul, we hope all the microtones of the universe passes through you and vibrates nothing but happiness. We will miss your foray’s into the strange and obscure world of avant garde, jazz and noise, voicemailed lessons on Greek and Latin, and [...]

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record store day!


YIPPIE! It’s Record Store Day 2012! Sweet deals! Awesome Albums! Live Music! At the West Lebanon, NH store, featuring: Giant Travel Avant Garde The Jobz (Theyyyy’re back!) & THE LAW ABIDERS! Bands at 5, 6, and 7PM! GOODIES ALL DAY!

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new band! IN EXAMPLE


IN EXAMPLE is a free-improv and original music duet comprised of Isaac Luxon & Eliot Cardinaux on guitar and piano respectively. Eliot and Isaac first met in late 2009, and they were immediately drawn into each others’ musical worlds. From their first sporadic sessions, they found a rich collaborative palette already at their fingertips. Since then they have been working with these colors and fusing them together to create a multi-layered sound-sculpture of structurally sonic and deep-feeling music. Currently, Eliot [...]

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