derek and the demons – live in quechee, vt

Derek and the Demons – LIVE IN QUECHEE VERMONT the details: listen to the latest Derek and the Demons album, here

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Just announced! On March 29th, Two Thousand Twelve, there will be a musical event at the Mai Thai restaurant in Hanover New Hampshire! This fine night of entertaining will include (In SNL voice) musical guests BRENDA (Voted Best Indie Rock Act by Portland Pheonix 2011. Opened for Wilco & Grizzly Bear., and THE PILGRIMS (WhatDothLife Power Garage. Voted Best Band in Vermont to Share a Beer with. The fun stars at 10 PM, drink specials will be available […]

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Jay Stevens & Derek Young, “Dance House”

WDL Collective member Derek Young (Derek and The Demons), has been working with author and Weathersfield, VT native Jay Stevens to deliver the spoken-word, psychadellic, forever-jam, Dance House. The two fellows, along with Eddie Bogosian, have released their first self-titled album available at Laughing Rex. Jay and Eddie are also involved in the Upper Valley based project, Rap Lab, a project that allows youth to write and record their own hip hop and music. Vermont Life has more information and […]

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hairy pics!

As most of you know, the boys of What Doth Life grew out their scraggly unkempt curly-ones-of-the-face for four months to promote awareness for COVER HOME REPAIR (dot org). The experience was enlightening and made most of us realize the warmth of hair that at most previous times was shaved off for bosses or girlfriends. The comfort of losing spoonful after spoonful of soup and milk in a place so close, but yet out of sight – so, so precious. […]

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WDL Week in REVIEW Feb 17th!

WOW! Call it Spring fever (call it more of a light burning sensation), but this week has been a big one in the WDL world. Lots of doings and lots of dones dirt cheap. To keep it all straight in my mind, we will be bloggin’ our first (and perhaps last) Week in REVIEW! First off: The strangeness that is McAsh (My Cats a Super Hero) emerged from an 11 year slumber to release THE RETURN TO BADASH Mike ‘Call […]

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BLUSHING is the next project to come forth from the talented loins of What Doth Life. Regulars Ryan Hebert (guitar and backup vox), Brendan Dangelo (b-b-b-bass), and Tim Knapp (drums) team up with Alex Bourne (guitar, lead vox and New Hampshire-ite – don’t judge) to form this four piece smooth, emo, breaking-it-down, pop-punk, dancey, and just gosh darn fun band. In January of this year, this newly formed band recorded its first three tracks (read “HITS”), which can be found […]

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super hero cats, anyone?

Theyyyy’rrrrre baaaaaaaacccckkk!!!!!! Back in the ages of 1999, there lived a band the likes of which the Upper Valley had never seen. My Cat’s A Super Hero (McAsh) took VT/NH by storm, rocking literally TENS of stages through their initial life during the golden age of punk/ska. The legacy of McAsh has stayed strong, having reunion after reunion through the past 13 years and through the chants and praises of fans wherever they go. After going through something like 18 […]

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Charlotte McIntyre Joins What Doth Life!

Charlotte McIntyre, an upcoming female solo artist, has just joined our family. ¬†After much downtime in the music world, Charlotte has picked up her dusty guitar and set out to share her music, her writing, her love for life. ¬†Please check out her out on facebook, WDL, and at her blog where you can find music, writings, and deep thoughts. Charlotte was the co-host of the podcast a few weeks ago, so be sure to check that out and hear […]

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