Remember the good old days of 2011? We all were younger, full of sprite and spunk, ready to take on the world! What happened to us, folks? The dream is dead. The thrill, gone. Today, WDL Corp. Inc LLC. invites you to remember the days of yore, with this here Luke Chrisinger 2011 Retrospective of EPs, THE YEAR OF MIGRATION. Enjoy such hits as ‘March 2′ and ‘July-Negative’. All for the low-low price of 5$ American! What a deal folks. [...]

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Who Does……?


Who does your sick flyers? How did that motorbiker get in outter space? Why is that vampyra eating The Pilgrims? Well, folks those beauties are all beget from the artistic fortitude of WDL friend Marisa Joelle Chapin. Who is Marisa? Favorite Ice cream: Friendly’s chocolate. Least fav color: Neon orange. Is the world going to end in 2012? Everybody might die, but the world definitely isn’t going to end. And finally, What’s three words of advice you would give someone [...]

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it’s a bear joins what doth life


Three youngsters from the Upper Valley form it’s a BEAR!, a fuzzed-out punk band. Catchy bass lines, head-banging riffs, punk “to the max”!

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what doth life – podcast – episode 6


Episode six of What Doth Life’s podcast, appropriately titled A BLAST FROM THE PAST, features hosts Kiel Alarcon and Tim Knapp as they dive deep into the music before What Doth Life. Bands such as Milton, Decade, Aetherphone, McAsh, Kyoto, and Make Out Party fill up this episode’s playlist. Beginning over a decade (no pun intended) ago, bands such as Prezz, Beefcake, and the Evil Thunderhut hit the stage, and set the stage, for What Doth Life; paving the path [...]

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It’s 2012 and it’s winter


What Doth Lifers and What Doth Liferettes: We are proud to present our revamped website in this (what is to be) wonderous year of twenty twelve.  We dedicated ourselves to making the site more user friendly, more interconnected, and well – just more. Some important things we’ve added: Album:  Derek and the Demons – Self-titled more info Album:  Luke Chrisinger – Separation more info Band:  The Green Room more info And there’s more to come. We alreaday have a band [...]

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What Doth Life 021 Derek and The Demons S/T!

Derek and The Demons

WDL is proud to announce 2011′s final release by Derek Young and The Demons (Kiel Alarcon, Brendan Dangelo and Chris Egner). Derek and the Demons’ self-titled debut was recorded in late summer of 2011 at The Space in Windsor, VT, produced by Ryan Hebert, and released on 12/10/11. It is an eclectic set, true to the spirit of the Demons. “…for after all music is.. an act of courage, a serene, smiling, striding forward and dancing through the terrors and [...]

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Luke Chrisinger ‘Separation’ WDL 022

December proves to be a little less glum with Luke Chrisinger in the midst of a series of releases (and not talking a post-Thanksgiving blow out) (Editor’s note; Ew).  Luke’s newest WDL release ‘Separation’ rolls in at about 6 minutes, and features three songs of ear blistering, apocalyptic pop.  Swallow the pill and enjoy the colliding kaleidoscope and broken glass.  ‘Three’ will leave you lost in the desert, accepting the mirage as reality. It doesn’t matter much, either way. Download [...]

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Tonight! The Pilgrims, Law Abiders & Union Gun of 62′

Tonight at Mai Thai in Hanover, NH WDL’ites The Pilgrims will be playing with The Law Abiders and Union Gun of 62′, which features members of The River City Rebels.  The show will start at 10 pm (so you have no work excuse!) and costs 2 bucks! (recession friendly!) See you there! Check out Nobility by The Pilgrims Hear ‘She Gods of Shark Reef’ by The Law Abiders

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