Podcast – Episode 2

This one is a treat! Kiel Alarcon and Tim Knapp host this episode of WDL’s podcast.  We hit it hard playing two live sets from the Main Street Museum benefit concert of Nov 25th as well as some ol’ favorites. Bands this week! = Pilgrims, Ryan Hebert, Luke Chrisinger, High Hopes, It’s a Bear, Caring Babies, Lilum, I Love Journal,  and The Law Abiders Next week’s show will continue with more live sets from the MSM benefit show – especially [...]

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What Doth Life – Podcast Episode 1

Howdy whatdothlifers! We’ve got a podcast!  you can listen to it here, or subscribe in your favorite player with this address: let us know your thoughts, and give us some ideas for future episodes!

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FRIDAY NOV. 18th! WDL returns to MSM

WDL dudes GIANT TRAVEL AVANT GARDE and THE PILGRIMS will be joined by rockers THE LAW ABIDERS and hardcore teen slayers IT’S A BEAR on FRIDAY NOV. 18th! Support MSM in their restruturing efforts, post-Irene. The show will also mark the release of WDL #20, a compilation of Upper Valley bands in support of MSM. Download it via WDL for $5 on Nov. 18th!

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Folks of all kind, lend yer earz. This Fall to Winter season, the boys of WDL will be giving back.. well, growing back. The winter months in New England are exceptionally hard for those disenfranchised and low-income. With federal funding cuts, access to fuel assistance and general economic support is going to make this winter exceptionally tough for those with the least. And with the recent flooding from Irene, those in need are feeling the hardships even worse. Weatherization practices [...]

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There we go again.


Getting rave reviews that is. Giant Travel Avant Garde heads up this one with their latest release “Anagramatic”.   Dan Bolles, 7 Days VT writer, gives creds to this “lo-fi noise-rock journey.” None other than Luke Chrisinger fronts Giant Travel Avant Garde in this late summer (and GTAG’s third) release. Check out the review at: And while your at it, pick your price and download this beast – HERE. {}

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That Was Summer.

Hi guys, Were already six days into September. What does that mean? Luke Chrisinger has already released two EPs. Messages and September Download both of them for free. Also, in the WDL-iverse, our dear home away from home away from home, The Main Street Museum, was tragically damaged during Tropical Storm (bullshit) Irene. They need our help – monetarily and man-powery. WDL is working on putting a comp that will be up for download (down for upload?) with all donations [...]

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Ryan Hebert, artist, producer, media extraordinaire, long-time what doth lifer, and all around nice guy has been added to WDL’s roster. From producing a rock album in Vermont to jamming on Long Island to touring in the mid-west – – this boy has done it all. You can check him out: here (what doth life) or here (tumblr) a man of all things music.

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