Derek and the Demons Release “Gravity and Grace”

Derek and the Demons Release “Gravity and Grace” Get it here:

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Carton Releases “DOLLY”

What Doth Life is proud to present our  69th (nice) release! Carton’s new album Dolly is available now on bandcamp and soon on streaming services. Check out this review from Seven Days or listen now at

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Announcing the What Doth Life DIY Music Festival!

Come down to the Windsor Farmer’s Exchange in Windsor, VT to witness the biggest WDL party to date! On September 28th starting at 2PM, catch local original music by the Jobz, Carton, Dune Hunter, Faux in Love, the Pilgrims, Derek and the Demons, Moxley Union, Chodus, Death Pesos, Maiden Voyage, and the Law Abiders! For more info, visit our Facebook event page. Festival Details: The What Doth Life DIY Music Festival features eleven local bands playing original music at the [...]

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The Jobz Release “DIE”

Elusive band, The Jobz, have finally released part II in their Junky Bear Trilogy. Following the release of “LIVE” 5 years ago, “DIE” follows Jay Bears descent into Hell. Download or stream now here: 

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2018 Summer Comp is Here!

It took a little longer than usual, but it’s worth the wait! over 20 local artists spanning all different styles have submitted to the comp and we’re pleased to bring them to you. Download or stream it now for free at 

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What Doth Life at Guilford Sound Live Comp

This week we’re finally releasing the live album of What Doth Life’s weekend at Guilford Sound. Carton, Faux in Love, Derek and the Demons, and the Pilgrims all recorded live songs at Guilford Sound which was captured by WOOL FM and FACT 8 TV. Check out our youtube channel for the video and download the album now for free here: 

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Chodus and Atlantic Veil at Stage 33

What Doth Life and Stage 33 have teamed up to bring you an evening of rock and roll in Bellows Falls. Sunday, June 24th, starting at 6pm at Wool FM headquarters at 33 Bridge Street we’ll be doing a live recording of the show for later broadcast on social media and local TV. So even if you can’t make the show in person you’ll have an opportunity to watch from the comfort of your home. But we hope to see [...]

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A Compilation: & You

Imagine you are Bruce Springsteen better yet, imagine you are one of those humans from the E Street Band. You know – drummer guy from Conan, Silvio from the Sopranos, or one of those other cool cats. Ok, imagining? Now – look at this: That could be you! Being a person on an album! Getting lovingly discovered by a someone with impressive hair. What I’m trying to say is: we are putting out a comp. Got a song? Send it [...]

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