After years of research and development, the Pilgrims website have finally found a way for you the consumer to join the band. Head over to and enjoy your new position as Pilgrim’s vibraslapper. While you’re there, check out the rest of the site too. There’s probably some info about shows and videos and such. VIBRASLAPPPPP!!!!

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Carton Makes Album, Democracy In Danger

The Reviews are in, Carton’s newest album confirms them as “Kings.” Come to the coronation this Friday at the Windsor Station and pick up your copy on delicious vinyl. In the meantime, check out their latest video for album opener, “From the Mouth.”

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RSD… Spring.. ETC Compilation

The last few years we have put out a compilation in honor of Record Store Day, that holiday of consumerism and lechery by inflated record companies cashing in on the vinyl bubble. Californication on 7″? Gotta have it. This year, we will be putting out another comp. Free and available at the record stores closest to our headquarters (and uploaded to one of the streaming sites). Record Store Comp III by What Doth Life Want to be a part of [...]

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A Feast For Your Eyes

Hey Dudes and Dudettes. You see that game last night? Whoa. Intense, right? When that guy sported the ball to the finish area I was all like, “Good job!” My point is, watching things is cool and exciting and we like to talk about what we see within our social groups. But there’s a problem. When sports guys aren’t sporting we have nothing to watch. What do we do? Well What Doth Life has a solution: Watch our music videos! [...]

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What Doth Life Blog Lonely, Sad And Abused

Like an artifact from a bygone era, an ignored blog can tell us much. Why did the author suddenly disappear? Did illness, strife or perhaps good fortune result in a better opportunity? Did vampire clowns take over the what doth life headquarters, leaving only the ghosts of past EPs and podcasts? Or did Facebook just replace the long form with easily ignorable quips and memes? Not to blame anyone *jesse eisenzuckerberg*, but, yeah, yeah its true.. but look when you [...]

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New Release: JS WILDHACK – Mister Band// WDL 059

Back in the day, there was a big creaky house on Rte. 5 in Windsor where the swirling stewbuddies who would later become the carrots and beefs of What Doth Life used to hang out, drink and sleep (occasionally). Out of this big spooky slowcooker came many a savory spoonful of Lilum and Jobz, with extra little dashes of rosemary for flavor. When he wasn’t in college studying the famed cakes of Werner Herzog, Daggers would sometimes find himself back [...]

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RSD 2015 COMP. It’s online.

Our 2015 Record Store Day Comp is now available online for free download! 18 wonderful tracks from local and regional bands. Artwork completed by a team of high profile artistes including Banksy, Andy Goldworthy, Ron English, Bob Dylan, Barry Bonds, Mr. Freeze, Isopropl Butanol, Carry Underwood and Texas Style French Toast. It was a great time. BANDS include: JS Wildhack, Atlantic Veil, Ian James Music, Carton, Chodus, Chopan, The Pilgrims, Poor & Perfect, Derek & The Demons, Free TV, Absolute [...]

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We’re throwing a Spring Fling in downtown Windsor on MAY 22nd 2015! Three Live bands! BYOB! BBQ! Free! Come on down!  

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