Luke Chrisinger Has Returned

It has been over a year since dear friend Luke C entered a rumored retirement. Thankfully, for all of us, the Rza of Little Ascutney has returned with a new project, Prism Sleep. Four new EPs, titled 001, 002, 003 and 004 have been released on his bandcamp each featuring two songs. A scummy, creepy Black Angels blues and reverse amphetamine wash out run through the tracks like Luke started a cult out in them Reading hills and a couple [...]

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Release Pal – Awesome New Music From Atlantic Veil

Atlantic Veil, the new punk/ reverb trio from Caleb Thomas and pals has released their first S/T EP. Emerging from the ashes of Thompson Gunner, the new stripped down and ripped up five songs are like John Waters’ Cry Baby on a bender. Aspects of Gun Club and Abandoned America and the art of being well versed & pissed off, a Green Mt Springsteen and a lil CCR, are there. And some other shit. Turn Up.

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WDL #48 Carton – ‘Carlton’

“Carlton, by Carton, is the latest album out of an unlikely locale for great rock and roll: Windsor, Vt. The small town is home to the music collective What Doth Life. This grassroots society for the well-being of independent rock is effectively a co-op for music — “a brand with nothing to sell,” in the group’s own words. Carton certainly fit the bill. Their sound is equally informed by ’90s pop-rock, lo-fi indie and punk. But that list of genres [...]

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Hannah Hoffman Finishing First Solo Album

Cool pal and ivory tinkler Hannah Hoffman successfully completed crowd funding on her first solo album and plans to finish it this summer. The now Brattleboro based singer-songwriter has samples of live tracks that will be featured on the album and aims for a stripped down approach to the album. “A soulful soprano delivering an emotional depth to her sound reminiscent of an early Tori Amos, Cat Power and Regina Spektor, Hoffman is a versatile performer who engages her [...]

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Review: The Law Abiders : Thanks, But No Thanks… But Thanks

Sometimes it’s nice when things are easy. Sometimes you wanna be challenged, you get the model kit to work through the pieces. The journey from A-B. But, don’t you wish that the mundane dimension could slip away at any second to an adventure? You’re at work and get washed down a sink drain and now you are stuck on some kind of freak island with B movie babe’s in cardboard fins singing a siren song calling you to the depth’s [...]

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WDL #47 Derek & The Demons – Changes

Last year Derek and the Demons put out an album. ( Soon after the guitarist (Kiel Alarcon) had a boo-boo and went to the hospital for a few months and the bassist left for Boston. While in the hospital the bassist visited the guitarist and taught him all the secret bass moves so that he could take his place in the band. Changes EP by Derek and The Demons Meanwhile, the other guitarist and singer and drummer hung out and [...]

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You dig the plant from the root ball if you want to preserve it in its complexity, how deep the roots go you cannot tell until the shovel hits dirt and you start pulling. Im thinking of dirt and roots and organic materials in a late spring charge and Miserable Chillers is playing on my shit box stereo. Half speaker in line, in and out in and out while the seal on the window rattles in the breeze, down a [...]

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WDL 45: 2014 RSD Comp

  This year’s two thousand and fouteen Record Store Compliation is here! This years is our fourth compliation and features a large swarth of bands from as far away as Richmond, VA, CALIFORNIA and Rutland. From the strangness of VHS addicts, to electro Worcester soundscapers to the post college grunge hollows to pastoral psyche festish-ites RSD IV is here! Scrawl for a sonic journey. Dig deep for pics from the RSD show at MSM and for pics of the LIMITED [...]

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