A Sad Note On The Blog

Our server sucks dingus and lost all of our posts from May of 2013 – April 2014. Attempting to reconstruct some of them. What’s done is done, though. At least there is this:

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WDL #44 Poor and Perfect – ‘Ribs/ Friends, Heart, Family’

WDL #44 Poor and Perfect – ‘Ribs/ Friends, Heart, Family’ Poor and Perfect is the baby of Chris Rosenquest. His first EP under the moniker started as seven songs which boiled down to two lush, roots rich lullabys. Erasing the idea of maximum output and concentrating on pace of process, Chris arrived at a new philosophy; “good enough.” Recording the two songs with friends Mike Poorman (ex Hot Rod Circuit and former owner of Strangeways Studios) and Jer Coons (solo artist and currently [...]

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Carton Podcast Preview

Carton will be on an upcoming episode of the WDL podcast, but in the meantime check out this special video preview of their performance.

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Carton Live on Your Computer

New band. Carton, drops by to record an episode of the What Doth Life podcast and the whole thing will be beamed live to your computer here:!  Listen to their album here: and like them on facebook here:

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WDL 037 – The What Doth Life Record Store Comp Vol. III

Record Stores were severely scarred and emotionally greased this past april when them sweet franks over at what doth life bomb dropped a lard sandwich on they lap. featuring a trunk dunk fulla rad rip tides, the what doth life record store comp day vol iii is the essential material witness to your i-89 corridor mid season bong streak. who doth roll? carton (what doth life loud mouths) chris faulkner (sweetest drummer to garage soul your donut hole) dead generals [...]

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Criminal’s worst nightmare, THE LAW ABIDERS, joined host Kiel Alarcon at the What Doth Life podcast recently. Check out the entire interview video below, as well as implorable dynstropia garth brooks. full interview. live performance.

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WDL 036 – Carton ‘Sunburst EP

6 (and a half) tracks from Vermont’s Carton, featuring members of The Pilgrims, Giant Travel Avant Garde, The Jobz and Heavy Winged. Carton took to Sonelab in Easthampton, MA to track these songs (plus 1 more song, ‘Fingertips’ to be released via 7″ by Negative Fun records) with the talented and hell of a nice dude, Justin Pizzoferrato, who has helmed the studio for Dinosaur Jr., Chelsea Light Moving, Thurston Moore, MV&EE, Happy Jawbone Family Band and many many others. [...]

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The Pilgrims Videographies of Chosen Lands

the pilgrims – “bronski” the pilgrims – “static signals”

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