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Happy Birthday, ya HEAR!?

Dear Reader/Listener: What Doth Life would like to publicly announce that today is Luke Chrisinger’s birthday. In fact, thus far, Luke “the cheese whiz” Chrisinger has had exactly 35 birthdays in his lifetime. Most of these years were spend slowly walking the aisles of shopping malls, shouting “Hey Batter, Batter. Hey. Batter.” Personally, it’s quite ridiculous. In fact, the only thing that could right this awful situation would be for Luke to grow a beard (a real fucking beard, none [...]

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In true Luke Chrisinger fashion, he has started two new music projects (at once!?): ESAU’S LADDER on what doth life on bandcamp AND ACTAEON COMPLEX on what doth life on bandcmap on world wide web  

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WDL Week in REVIEW Feb 17th!


WOW! Call it Spring fever (call it more of a light burning sensation), but this week has been a big one in the WDL world. Lots of doings and lots of dones dirt cheap. To keep it all straight in my mind, we will be bloggin’ our first (and perhaps last) Week in REVIEW! First off: The strangeness that is McAsh (My Cats a Super Hero) emerged from an 11 year slumber to release THE RETURN TO BADASH Mike ‘Call [...]

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It’s 2012 and it’s winter


What Doth Lifers and What Doth Liferettes: We are proud to present our revamped website in this (what is to be) wonderous year of twenty twelve.  We dedicated ourselves to making the site more user friendly, more interconnected, and well – just more. Some important things we’ve added: Album:  Derek and the Demons – Self-titled more info Album:  Luke Chrisinger – Separation more info Band:  The Green Room more info And there’s more to come. We alreaday have a band [...]

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Luke C has just released an album. What is it? What has it’s soul done? The Omnibus of Spirit is available here: and here:

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