New Release – Prism Sleep :: Box Set

We are proud to announce the newest release from Prism Sleep, a ‘box set’ package consisting of the Prism Sleep release from 2014. Prism Sleep is the newest project from Luke Chrisinger (Giant Travel Avant Garde: ET AL). Featuring the sounds of neo-psych alt garage AM dysfunction Luke is well known for. The double bandcamp release is free for downloading and can be streamed in it’s entirety here: VLUME 1 Vol. 1 by PRISM_SLEEP VLUME 2 Vol. 2 by PRISM_SLEEP

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New Comp! We Sold Out For Kiel!

As you may know from our previous posts, Kiel (Derek & The Demons, Jobz, recording engineer extraordinaire etc) has had a shit year. Over 26 local bands and pals have gotten together to put together this benefit comp to help Kiel with expenses. Such tremendous support and kindness has been shown from artists and local Vermont folks for Kiel’s compilation and we thank everyone for their help. Please download and pay what you can to help Kiel out and continue [...]

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New Release! Miserable Chillers – Chateau Gallego

WDL #051 Miserable Chillers – Chateau Gallego ‘I was an aphasia of limbs locked in failed gestures’ – Miguel Gallego Château gallego by Miserable chillers Less than a year after his solo debut project from Miserable Chillers, Miguel Gallego is back with a second set of soap operatic wonky geek rock. Power pop choruses about relationary strife abound with verby superchunk chords. CCD comes across as Pavement covered by Pond with the ping pong guitar of early Flaming Lips. But [...]

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New Comp! Kiel Sells Out

Founding member of WhatDothLife, Kiel Alarcon, had a shitty year. You can read all about it in our previous posts… To throw Kiel a bone, we are putting out two comps. The first Kiel Sells Out is now available on bandcamp.   Kiel Sells Out by What Doth Life   The comp features 19 tracks of music that Kiel has played on over the years including The Jobz, Derek & The Demons, Mister Gordy, Kyoto, McAsh and THe Ghoul Layz.  [...]

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A Debt of Gratitude

An open letter in response to What Doth Life’s 2nd Annual Block Party, on September 19th, 2014.   A Debt of Gratitude   by Derek Young, 9/20/14   I couldn’t fall asleep until sometime after 2am. It’s only a few hours later and I just awoke, abruptly, while having a dream where I was ranting to some small group of people in a strange small space I can’t describe clearly, but I was orating passionately from the bottom of my [...]

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Friend Release: Orphic Revival – What the Moon Wants From the Wolf

Language moving with velocity. Jay Stevens mixes lyrical politics and cosmic erotics in a drum-driven, guitar fueled groove that pushes the edge of both spoken word and the rock/rap regimes. Back in the summer of 2009, Jay Stevens initiated a collaboration with Eddie Bogosian and Derek Young (of Derek and the Demons.) Together they created a series of strange audio recordings. They continued with sporadic and chaotic sessions into 2010, accumulating about 20 tracks, some of which were lost… Then [...]

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Upcoming benefit comp for Kiel.

Hello Pal of What Doth Life, Perhaps you have been a part of one of our comps in the past, or played a show, or we reviewed you, or played you on our podcast. Any which way, you have been picked out so that I can tell you about Kiel Alarcon, guitarist for Derek & The Demons, The Jobz, etc etc. etc, host of the WDL Podcast, producer/ engineer, app builder, and general cowboy. Around a year ago, in July, [...]

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3 New Free Tracks from Poor & Perfect!

WDL #49 Poor & Perfect – Henry the moon & his goodbye. 3 new tracks from Chris Rosenquest & Poor & Perfect. Henry, the moon and his goodbye.
 More moonlit, moody and bruisin’ soulful country rock. Three tracks for free. tags: diy folk providence country folk providence singer-songwriter vermont Vermont Henry, the moon and his goodbye. by Poor and Perfect

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