4/1/14 A New Episode of the Podcast!

Howdy! This week we are back with a new episode of the Podcast, streaming at and on Tuesdays from 10 – 12 of WOOL.FM Black Sheep Radio 91.5 in Bellows Falls VT. On this weeks episode: Babe Lincoln, Lake Superior, Atlantic Veil, The Pilgrims, The Sun Lions, Be AGGRESSIVE, .bellwire, Derek and The Demons, 5 Bucks!, The Law Abiders (x3), Jake McKelvie & The Countertops, Chris Faulkner, Carton, Pariah Beat, Poor and Perfect, The Dying Falls, Lilum, Giant Travel Avant [...]

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Record Store Day 2014/ WDL Annual Comp

Bonjour strange travelers of sonic duplicity- It seems like just yesterday we were working on Record Store 2013 and crankin’ new jammage and vinyl at Newbury Comics.  Last year saw us release our third Record Store Day comp featuring 19 songs from New England pals. The Comp featured some extra goodies and homemade artwork, given out at RSD as well as bandcamped. This years comp will be bigger and badder with tons of fun from WDL artists as well [...]

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Poor and Perfect WDL #44 “Ribs/ Friends, Heart, Family” Poor and Perfect is the baby of Chris Rosenquest. His first EP under the moniker started as 7 songs which boiled down to two lush, roots rich lullabys. Erasing the idea of maximum output and concentrating on pace of process, Chris arrived at a new philosophy; “good enough.” Recording the two songs with friends Mike Poorman (ex Hot Rod Circuit and former owner of Strangeways Studios) and Jer Coons (solo artist and [...]

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Poems on ‘Pheremoans’

WDL poet resident B$P has begun writing poetry based reviews of albums he has been listening to. His first group of poems revolves around the latest album by Boston based staggery dance gentlemen The Dying Falls.   Check out Pheromones here: & Check out Dying Falls’ contribution to WDL’s latest comp,’Take It Back’ here: BSP Pheremoans: Dying Falls Dec. 4 2013 Track 1: Finger Paint Homely, awakened- voice stained by trauma Nerves bass beaten Something of a somnelence- an [...]

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WDL #43 IT CAME IN 2013

  Bonjour! 2014 is WhatDothLife’s fifth year in being  (queue the David Bowie).  2013 included 9 new releases from WhatDothLifers’ Carton, Luke Chrisinger, bellwire., The Pilgrims, Derek & The Demons, It’s a BEAR, The Jobz and Ryan/ Timothy.  To celebrate the year of 2013 (though a year a lot of us don’t really feel like celebrating) we have collected songs from WhatDothLife artists as well as tracks from bands we dug through the year.  Our pals from near and far [...]

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Podcast #68 eating pizza

Tim and Brendan eat pizza. Listen to the pizzaness and the musicness, including!:: Wetdress, Beached Boys, Behold the arctopus, youtube, Bela Bartok, Derek & the Demons, The Guys, The Fat Boys, soda, Skeleton Ed, The Sun Lions,. It’s a Bear, not the jobz, soda, she rides, carton, pariah beat, ryan/ timothy, the pilgrims, wetdress, yacht rock,  Flying Hawk 802, bellwire, derek & the demons, further seems foreverback, piebald, TRL carson daily, kramer, shai hulud, i wish, the guys, vaselines, the jobz, [...]

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Pilgrims – Bu$$

Pilgrims released a new album this summer.  It’s rock and roll music. Download it: Read the Seven Days VT review, where they think that maybe, they have been listening to Pavement.  

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Derek & The Demons – Underground

Derek & The Demons have released their newest asskicking rock n’ roll record. Download it for anything you want. Check out this Seven Days VT review of it where they call it “slightly nontheatrical”.

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